Expressive ICT operates as an IT free lance engineer offering it’s IT services Management. Expressive ICT was contracted full time by HP to work with a team to manage the global Bank PC upgrade (64000), Expressive ICT is mainly involved in London branch (Credit Suisse).
Expressive ICT was contracted part time to CETEC ( http://www.force-techie.co.uk ), supporting IT services for some of their projects. Ft are a well known ICT services integrator based in the south west offering nationwide, local ICT supporting services.

Herewith an outline of the main projects Expressive IT has recently being involved with:

Jan 2006 – October 2011 — Credit Suisse Bank/ HP — UK
Expressive ICT is involved in managing engineers in the Bank environment to support users after their PCs have been upgraded with office 2003 (63000 PCs globally).

July 2004 – Feb 2005 — CSFB Bank / FT/ HP — UK
Expressive ICT worked in the HP/FT team during the deployment of 13000 PCs in CSFB Bank. Expressive ICT role was managing a team of engineers conducting night shift Traders deployments.

Feb 2005 – April 2005 — Sainsbury Chip and Pin – Ft /NCR/Accenture — UK

Expressive IT have been a member of the Ft /NCR/Accenture team managing the installation of Chip and Pin in 15 Sainsbury stores conversions the UK, South West. This was a sensitive project where Expressive ICT applied high quality and high standards.

April 2005 – Sep 2005 — Espresso Project / FT — UK
Expressive ICT was contracted by FT to manage the start of the new project by planning, creating documents (Engineer Installation Manual), Gantt Chart and workflow for the installation process that involved Installing Caching Servers at school network RM,
Expressive ICT was acting as a project manager and technical support person to solve technical issues on Caching Server installations, network issues, DNS, group policy and proxy setting until the project starts running.